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Enjoy Yoga!

Enjoy my Yin + Reiki class every wednesday (11.30 + 18.00 pm) at Yogastudio Bluebirds

Each lesson focuses on one theme, for example 'more self-love' or 'learning to let go'. Relaxed Yin poses and Reiki support that theme. The class ends with a nice long Savasana with Reiki, so you walk out fully recharged. Will I see you Wednesday? 

Stop for a moment and feel: what does your body have to tell you? How do you feel? And what do you need? Enjoy one of my online yoga classes (for free!). How about a lesson for extra self-love, against stress or before going to sleep? You can also find my online yoga classes on Flair TV. Find a nice spot, roll out your mat, sit down and enjoy.

Namasté, Crissy .

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