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Enjoy a moment for you

Just a moment for you alone. To relax. To recharge. To feel in your body, instead of thinking in your head. And to get in touch with your intuition and authentic 'sparkle'. Do you treat yourself to Reiki?

You are so worth it 

Love, Crissy.

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Reiki (energy healing)


A Reiki treatment let the energy flow freely through your body again.  

After a short intake to discuss your intention, you’re invited to lay down on a comfortable massage table and enjoy a soothing and revitalizing energy healing.


During Reiki, you become more conscious about your body, the signals of your body and how to interpret them. The treatment helps you to reduces stress. You'll feel relaxed and refreshed. 

+ Reikisession ± 60 minutes in Amsterdam: €65 incl. btw 

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