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Hi, i am Crissy! 

Reiki Master, Yogateacher, Journalist and owner of Retourtje Happiness. 

Stop for a moment and feel... 

What does your body tell you? What do you dream of? And what do you no longer need?

I help you, with Yoga and Reiki, discover what makes you shine.

Namasté .  

AW Collection

Discover your sparkle

Reiki (energy healing).

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy.

A Reiki massage (60 min) let the energy flow freely through your body again. It helps you to relax and reduces stress, through gentle touch. You are so worth it. ❥ 

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What does your body want to tell you? How do you really feel? And what do you need at this moment?

Enjoy my Yin Yoga & Reiki classes at Bluebirds Center (wed 18.00u) or Bluebirds West (wed 11.30u) or follow one of my (free!) online yoga classes.


Retourtje Happiness collects for you the finest yoga classes and retreats, most beautiful undiscovered places, most inspiring meditations and ceremonies, most delicious (organic & vegan) addresses and great tips for your personal development. 

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